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Danube Bend Tour - Northern Hungary


Duration: 8 hours

This excursion is the most popular tour to the countryside of Hungary. During this tour we take you to the northern part of Hungary, the picturesque Danube bend.

There are 3 famous historical places to visit:

Esztergom, which is the centre of the Roman Catholic Church and archbishopric seat of Hungary. More than 1000 years ago the first king of Hungary (St. Stephen) was born and crowned here later on. We visit the largest and most beautiful basilica of Hungary that was built in the middle of the 19th century.

Visegrád means good view. The magical fortress on the top of the hill, which was built in the 13th century, is the best panoramic point of the magical Danube bend. The river Danube makes the biggest turn at Visegrád all along the river. We explore the fortress and visit the historical and wax works exhibitions.

Szentendre (st. Andrew), the artist village, was named after its mediaeval patron saint. It is a typical Mediterranean village, situated on the slope of a hill, its small and narrow streets are running down to the river Danube. There are small shops, artists, cafés, restaurants and pubs. Your guide will take you around and tell you exciting stories about the history of Hungary. Optionally we can visit the Margaret Kovács Museum with the handcrafts of the Hungarian ceramical artist or the famous Confectionery Museum where you can see also the building of the House of Parliament made of marzipan.

Upon request, we can organize 3-course lunch with wine tasting in the National Wine Museum of Hungary. Afterwards, you have some time for shopping or enjoy some free time before returning to Budapest either by boat or by bus/car.

Esztergom Sightseeing

Esztergom Sightseeing

(IN THE program)

The small town of Esztergom sitting on the Danube bank in Hungary played an important role in the establishment of the Hungarian state 1000 years ago. As a royal seat fro two centuries and as a center for the Roman Catholic religion for 1000 years it abounds Esztergom historic and cultural sights. 

If you arrive on the Danube from the direction of the Danube bend the spectacular view of the domed Basilica perched on a hilltop reflects in the water.

Visegrád Sightseeing

Visegrád Sightseeing


You can get to Visegrád- situated halfway between Szentendre and Esztergom - on the main road or on a scenic route by boat on the Danube.

The Citadell part of the fortress is perched high on the top of the hill underneath it lies the Lower Castle while the Water bastion (Vízibástya) stands on the Danube bank. Visegrád gained international importance during the Anjous kings (1308-1387).

Many tourist trails cut trough Visegrád and and another great option is getting there by bike though you need to be in good shape to pedal up all those hills. But once you're up your efforts will be rewarded with unforgettable view of the mighty Danube, the green hills and the quiet vilalges down.

Szentendre Sightseeing

Szentendre Sightseeing


Szentendre is a riverside town in Pest county, Hungary, on a countryside, near the capital city Budapest. It is known for its museums galleries, and artists. With a short travelling you can reach the beautiful small city.

Due to its historic architecture and easy rail and river access, it has become a popular village destination for tourists staying in Budapest, or travelling around in Hungary. There are many facilities, including souvenir shops and restaurants, catering to these visitors.