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Hungary - Tatra - Krakow Tour in 5 days

Budapest city tour


Discover the most beautiful sights of Budapest. Get an overview about the capital of Hungary, take a look at the most beautiful and imposing buildings of Budapest during the city tour. You are going to visit both parts; the hilly Buda and the flat Pest.

Spend the night in Budapest.

Countryside tour in Hungary


The diversity of Hungary allows us to organise various tours around the country. These one day long tours give you a drop of essence from Hungary’s culture, gastronomy and nature. 

Countryside tours: Szentendre, Puszta tour, Danube Bend tour, Lake Balaton, Western Hungary

Wine tours: Etyek, Eger & Tokaj, Pécs & Villány, Transdanubia

Thematic tours: Art Nouveau tour, Adventurous Cave tour, Jewish Heritage tour,Religious Heritage tour, Then and Now Tours. Spend the night in Budapest.

Tatra Mountains

Travel further to the Tatra Mountains, visiting Orava Castle


Orava Castle was built on the top top of the rocks and is above the Orava River. The castle is one of the most amazing sights of Slovakia.  The visitors can admire the baroque chapel’s altar, the Knight’s Hall, the photo gallery and the armory. 

Spend the night in Krakow.


Krakow city tour then visiting the „Wieliczka” Salt Mine

Poland, DAY 4

Krakow was the polish King’s ancient seat. The city has several monuments, that are connected to the Hungarian history. The Wawel Royal Castle was functioned as the residence of the polish Kings for centuries. The burial plot of the Kings are kept in the Krakow Cathedral Museum. After visiting the city we turn our way to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which is operating now as mine-museum. The highlight of this visit is the subterranean Chapel which was named after Kinga, who was the daughter of the hungarian King IV. Béla. The Chapel’s ornaments were carved out of salt.

Spend the night in Krakow.

Auschwitz tour

Poland, day 5

Oswiecimben, better known in german as Auschwitz was the most famous Nazi extermination camp, where thousands of jewish people were executed. Nowadays works there a memorial museum. Traveling home from Krakow.