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South - Transylvania tour in 5 days

Traveling from Budapest to Sibiu, Sibiu city tour


Sibiu, known as „Nagyszeben” in hungarian is the most adorable city of the Royal Lands, where the Transylvanian Saxons live. The oldtown part of the city was renovated in 2007, and also in that year it managed to win the European Capital of Culture title.

Spend the night in Sibiu.


Sighisoara city tour, then visiting the Drakula Castle

Romania, DAY 2

The oldtown of Sighisoara has a romantic and medieval atmosphere, which is also listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. After the city tour we are making a visit at the most famous sight of Romania, at the Drakula Castle or Bran Castle. The castle was fully renovated in 1993 and was reopened as a museum and was reintroduced into the tourists. 

Spend the night in Sighisoara.

Visiting the Red Lake, the Bicaz Gorge and the saltmine of Parajd


Boating on the romantic Red Lake then we are visiting the Bicaz Gorge, which is the precipitous canyon of the  Bicaz rivulet. Then we are getting to the Saltmine of Parajd, that has an unique climate of the salt mine, which helps in different diseases.

Spend the night in Miercurea Ciuc.

Miercurea Ciuc city tour, then visiting Sumuleu Ciuc and traveling further to Bucharest

Romania, Day 4

In Miercurea Ciuc we are visiting the gorgeous Millenium Chruch, that was designed by the famous hungarian architect Imre Makovecz. After our walking in the city we are visiting the nearby Sumuleu Ciuc, which is the central of the Catholic „Székely” people. Traveling further to Bucharest.

Spend the night in Bucharest.

Bucharest city tour and visiting the residence of Ceausescu, traveling home

Romania, Day 5

We are visiting the most famous sights of the capital of Romania, like the Palace of the Parliament, the Herastrau Park, the Arcul de Triumf, the Palace of Justice, the Cretulescu Palace and the Great Synagogue. After our visit in the capitaly we are discovering the notorious romanian dictator, Ceausescu’s residence, which was opened to the public in 2016. Traveling home.