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Tandem paragliding above Budapest

Therefore we are offer all kinds of tandemflying activities, such as paragliding, motorized paragliding and hangliding. if you were thinking to try any form of flying then tandemflying it is the right way to actually make your dream come true.

Unforgettable experience to discover Budapest from the sky. This tour takes 20 minutes; during this time you will be able to admire the main sights of Budapest. In the tandem paragliding tour a professional and competent staff will be there for you to get a thrilling experience.

You will be rolling as thanks are going!

In this battle you can steamroll everyone! Our commander is waiting teams up to 10-12 members to be ready to fight after the briefing between the noob troops, with helmet on the top, to jump to the stomach of the siege or wait the enemy on the top of the tanks. You can control the light armored amphibious - right after you gain full control of the combat training - and listen to the growling 16,000 CC, eight-cylinder diesel engine.

Jump to the tank, head to the battlefield in a Gaz66-inch plateau, where you can get a little bit of the military experience.

And if we do safari, here’s something even more special: in our the fleet herd Gaz66 type military trucks can be found and deployed in the field. The 20 troop transport vehicles makes possible to reach - even in the most impassable roads – the goal as soon as possible. So the passengers needs all their strength to remain in place on the way. Hold on!