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Tour to the Hungarian Sea - Lake Balaton

Traveling to the Southwest of Hungary after one hour we reach the largest fresh water lake of Middle - Europe, named Balaton. We call it the sea of Hungary as well.

Program option #1

Duration: 8 hours

First stop - Herend. The world famous porcelain manufacture of Herend, established in 1826. Here we will take part in a tour at the manufacture where you can see the beautiful handcrafts of Hungary, porcelain museum. You will have the possibility for shopping to take home a piece of Hungary.

Second stop - Tihany. After crossing lovely little holiday resorts and wine yards, we reach Tihany Peninsula situated on the northern shore of the lake. Main sights of the village are: Baroque Benedictine Church and Abbey founded in 1055 by Hungarian King András 1st. Romanesque crypt: The foundation document, which is the earliest written example of the Hungarian language.

Third stop - Balatonfüred. The next stop is at Balatonfüred that used to be the most favourite holiday resort of noble Hungarian families in the middle of the 19th century during the Age of Reform. Attractions in the town are: the Tagore Promenade with nice view of the Tihany peninsula, decorated by old sycamore trees, the convalescent hospital, nice villas from the 19th century. You will have lunch at a local restaurant.

Program option #2


Instead of Herend we will take you to the most beautiful spa resort of Hungary called Hévíz. The Thermal Lake of Hévíz is the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake. Its temperature does not go below 22 °C and may reach 38 °C in the summer. You have the possibility to swim in this special lake of Hungary among water lilies.


Herend Porcelain Museum

(IN THE program #1)

Those who are on their way to Herend can catch sight of the special, stately building complex – accommodating the Porcelanium Visitor Centre – right from a distance. It goes without saying that the mission of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory is also evident from here: to provide, apart from producing fine porcelain, ideal conditions for popularising this special profession and technology as well as to pass on the tradition of applied arts.

For both contemporary and traditional fine porcelain, there is no other place to go but Herend, Hungary’s answer to Wedgwood. Among the most popular motifs produced by the company is the Victoria pattern of butterflies and wildflowers, designed for the British queen during the mid-19th century.


Tihany Peninsula


The place with the greatest historical significance on Lake Balaton is Tihany, a peninsula jutting 5km into the lake. Tihany village, perched on an 80m-high plateau along the peninsula’s eastern coast, is home to the celebrated Abbey Church and in the height of summer the church attracts so many people it’s hard to find space to breathe. Visit the church but then escape the madness by wandering around the tiny town filled with lovely thatched-roof houses.

The peninsula itself is a nature reserve of hills and marshy meadows with an isolated, almost wild feel to it. Two inland basins are fed by rain and ground water: the Inner Lake (Belső-tó) is almost in the centre of the peninsula and visible from the village, while the Outer Lake (Külső-tó) to the northwest has almost completely dried up and is now a tangle of reeds. Both basins attract considerable bird life.




Balatonfüred is not only the oldest resort on Lake Balaton’s northern shore, it’s also the most fashionable. In former days the wealthy and famous built large villas on its tree-lined streets, and their architectural legacy can still be seen today.

Yes, it's highly touristy, but it's an excellent place to base yourself on the lake, with endless lodging and dining options, and a superb tree-lined promenade along the shore where everyone goes for their pre- or postdinner stroll.

The town also has the most stylish marina on the lake and is known for the thermal waters of its world-famous heart hospital.




It is a unique and magic experience to bath in the Lake of Heviz which can not be exceeded by and bathing in a pool.

The turquoise colour of the Lake, the forest holding its arm around the Lake and the sunbeams reflecting from the surface of the water provide us with the feeling of natural healthiness. The composition of the water – in addition to the special curative effect – is refreshing the tired constitution and fills it with energy. Therefore all the guests bathing in the Lake regardless of their age mention the positive effects they enjoyed. Lake Heviz is primarily suitable for treating and curing rheumatic and motility cases, due to its high mineral content it supports recovery from several other diseases. On top of its refreshing and curative effect the Lake of Heviz is a unique natural phenomena, since this biologically active Lake is the biggest Spa-Lake of the world that is suitable for bathing.