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Tours to Hungary’s Wine Regions

One hundred years ago, Hungary was one of the most important wine producers in Europe. Every royal court in Europe clinked glasses filled with precious gold Tokaji (“toe-kye”) wine, while other lush Hungarian whites and reds were lauded and enjoyed throughout Europe.

Hungary is located between the 46th and 49th parallel which is actually the same latitude range as many of France’s top wine regions from Northern Rhône to Champagne. Hungary’s rolling hills are rich in volcanic soils and limestone–idyllic soil types for fine winemaking.

Eger & Tokaj - North-Eastern Hungary

 10 hours

TRIP TO Etyek - Vineyard of Budapest

 6 hours

Pécs & Villány - Southern Hungary

 10 hours

Winemaking has long been a huge part of Hungary's economy and culture. Monks who lived in Eger more than 1000 years ago engaged in winemaking with native grapes. Although Turks took the castle of Eger in 1596 and held it for nearly 100 years, winemaking was such a substantial source of revenue that the Turks allowed it to continue under their rule. By the 16th Century, there was a complex system of labyrinths underneath the town for storing wine.

Transdanubia in 2 days - Pécs, Villány, Siklós, Mátty

 2 days

Budapest by Night

 4 hours

Tailored European Trips

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