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Western Hungary


Duration: 10 hours

Let discover together the most beautiful cities of Western Hungary!

During this tour, our first stop is Pannonhalma. 120 km far away from Budapest, we will visit the Arch Abbey of Pannonhalma. The abbey is the "national cradle" of European culture and the Christianity of Hungary; and also being part of the World Heritage since 1996. 

After guided sightseeing tour in Pannonhalma city, we travel to Sopron city, which is situated close to the border of Austria and Hungary. This city is famous for being the "Most Faithful City" of Hungary. During the Sopron sightseeing, our tour guide will shed light on this great story, how Sopron became the most faithful city. At the end of the historical walk, we invite you for a delicious Hungarian lunch. 

After tasting the traditional flavours of Hungary, we continue our tour in Győr, which is the "City of rivers". It does worth to visit this city for its historical buildings, and for the confluence of the Danube, Rába and Rábca river. If you are interested in other cities of Western Hungary, we are happy to customize our sightseeing tour.

Pannonhalma Sightseeing

Pannonhalma Sightseeing

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The Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey or Territorial Abbey of Pannonhalma is a medieval building in Pannonhalma, one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary. Founded in 996, it is located near the town, on top of a hill (282 m). Saint Martin of Tours is believed to have been born at the foot of this hill, hence its former name, Mount of Saint Martin , from which the monastery occasionally took the alternative name of Márton-hegyi Apátság. This is the second largest territorial abbey in the world, after the one in Monte Cassino.

Sopron Sightseeing

Sopron Sightseeing


Hungary’s ‘most faithful city’ (a reference to the 1921 referendum when Sopron opted to stay part of Hungary rather than be absorbed into Austria) has been around for a while, first settled by the Celts, then the Romans (as a trading spot along the Amber Route from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic and Byzantium), then a succession of Germans, Avars, Slavs and Magyars. In recent years, this little town also indirectly brought about the most dramatic event of the late 20th century – the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Today it is the most beautiful town in western Hungary, its medieval Inner Town (Belváros) intact and its cobbled streets a pleasure to wander. And if that weren’t enough, it’s also famous for its wine, surrounded as it is by flourishing vineyards.

Győr Sightseeing

Győr Sightseeing


Győr is known as the town of rivers, lying as it does on the meeting point of three rivers. The monuments of the one thousand-year-old cathedral city, the beautiful baroque buildings of the atmospheric city centre, the museums and romantic riverbank promenades all encourage the visitor to stay longer.