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Wine Tours - Pécs & Villány - Southern Hungary

Villány is one of Hungary’s top wine regions, known for its reds and rosés. Hungary’s most southern wine region has long and hot summers with abundant sunshine, followed by a mild winter. Thanks to this sub-Mediterranean climate wines from Villány are full-bodied and spicy and of the highest quality. The majority of Hungary’s award-winning wines are produced in the Villány region. According to archeological finds winemaking traditions in the region can be traced back to Roman times.

The program

Duration: 10 hours


Heading to the Southern part of Hungary, after 2 hours exciting journey across Trasdanubian hills and valleys we first reach the 5th biggest city of Hungary called Pécs, located on the slopes of the Mecsek Mountains in the south-west of the country. Stops of the sightseeing:

  • The old town, that is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
  • Roman burial valuts
  • An original mosque
  • Barbican gate tower
  • Tall minaret from the 16th century left from the period of the former Ottoman Empire
  • Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture and Museum
  • Csontváry Gallery
  • Vasarely patterns
  • Public buildings and statues decorated with Zsolnay Porcelain called "eozin" that has a special greenish colour


The next stop is at the city of Villány, centre of the great Villány wine region, Hungary's first-class red-wine producing areas

Arriving to Villány, optionally you can visit the Gere Winery’s vineyards with picturesque slopes and can get acquainted with the winery’s viniculture philosophy and wine-production.

Afterwards we will invite you in the winery’s traditional, centuries-old cellar, where you will hear about the wine region’s and the winery’s history, winemaking traditions and can taste splendid wines.

Lunch at a local restaurant.

After a memorable day in joyful, rural atmosphere we return to Budapest.